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All topics learnt in years 7-9 such as decimals, percentages, fractions, angles (including parallel lines and polygons), ratio, HCF/LCM, perimeter, area, volume, sequences, basic probability, transformations of shap, straight line graphs, Pythagoras, basic algebra (substitution, expanding brackets, solving and forming linear equations, indices and factorising) etc are mostly assumed knowledge from previous years for GCSE. Therefore all topics from years 7-9 can also be found under the GCSEs section.  

Most people assume that only content from years 10 and 11 will appear on their GCSE exam.  GCSEs are actually a culmination of year 7-11 topics even though it is a 2 year course. These topics are usually quickly recapped in year 10 and are no harder in year 10 than in previous years.  Be aware that the many top schools will consider the year 7-9 topics as assumed knowledge for GCSEs and not cover them (or if they do it will be very quick).  

Topic checklists for the GCSE and iGCSE maths syllabus can be found below.  Edexcel, AQA, and OCR GCSE all have the exact same topics.  Edxecel iGCSE has extra topics and differs from the Camridge iGCSE and comparisons have been shown in the relevant documents below. 

Topic checklists for GCSE further and additional maths can also be found below.

Comparions are also shown between all available exam boards and also the differences between further maths and A Level maths has been highlighted. 

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