Click GCSE Maths for everything related to the GCSE course. This includes everything one could ever possibly need and want to know about GCSE Maths and answers the questions such as:

  • What are GCSEs and when are they taken?
  • How many GCSEs are taken?
  • What are the differences between exam boards and their difficulty levels?
  • What are the differences between GCSE and iGCSE?
  • What are the differences between further and additional GCSE maths courses and how are they related to A levels?
  • What is the paper format/structure for each course? This includes comparisons between content, difficulty level, duration, calculator usage, number of papers etc. 
  • What are the differences between foundation and higher courses?
  • What topics are in GCSEs and how are they linked to specific grades and foundation and higher?
  • What are the exact grade requirements in percentages for all the grades 1-9?
  • Which papers have different time zones?


Click Topic Lists for topic lists for every course


More advice is also available below.  Scoll down and click the relevant documents for:

  • Formulae sheets
  • KS3 to GCSE transition advice
  • KS3 to GCSE diagnostic test 
  • What topics to good at in order to have the best possible start
  • What topics to do in the summer after year 9 in order to get ahead
  • Parent and student guides
  • Command word definitions
  • Scoring guidlines
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