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AP Statistics past exam papers including full papers, multiple choice and free response questions.

Grade boundaries are as follows:

The aim behind standardised tests is to have the average on the test to be roughly 50% (which corresponds to a 3) in order to optimise the distinction between scores. If the test is too too easy, then lots of students will get 100%, and one will have a hard time telling the difference between good students and very good students. One will have the same issue if the test is too hard - lots of students get 0%, and you can’t tell them apart. The easiest way to remember the scoring guidelines roughly is:

  • 50% is a 3

  • 60% is a 4

  • 70% is a 5

Put simply, if you’re above 50%, you’re a “pass” (which means a 3). But 50% right on the nose could be a “2”. A "2" is usually not accepted by universities unless there are extenuating circumstances. A "1" is a fail.



Past Papers:

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