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Edexcel I.Y.G.B.

These Madas I.Y.G.B.practice papers mostly follow the Edexcel Syllabus from 2017 Onwards. • Papers A to R are a standard difficulty with later papers being harder • Papers S and T are extremely hard • Papers U to Z are hard

The pure 1 papers can be used by students taking the AS "pure" paper. However, any of the questions in the Pure 1 and Pure 2 practice papers can appear on either A Level Pure Paper (paper 1 or paper 2)

The synoptic practice papers are suitable for the new A-level Pure Mathematics specification. They do not follow any particular board syllabus; instead they are a synopsis for the first two Pure Mathematics modules.They are great practice for able mathematicians as they are be generally more difficult than standard papers.

The special papers are for extremely strong mathematicians wanting to pursue a Mathematics degree.

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