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11+ Advice, Puzzles & Challenges

11+ Maths advice to help gain entry into top UK independent and grammar schools.  This includes:

  • Interview advice
  • List of top UK schools
  • Top UK schools linked 4 commmon exam test providers - Durham CEM Select, ISEB Commmon Pre Test, London Consortium and GL Assessment)
  • Topic checklists
  • Fun maths, strategy and logic games
  • Book recomendations
  • Puzzles and riddles 
  • Challenges 
  • Basic technique reminders taught in a fun and memorable way


Past Papers and Schools

For everything you could ever need to want to know about 11+ schools, past papers and exam boards clck 11+ Maths Past Papers



For hundreds of fun brainteasers organised by difficulty level click the following button:




Highly recommended fun and challenging books that very able students love are:

  • Can You Solve My Problems? - Alex Bellos
  • So You Think You've Got Problems? - Alex Bellos
  • The Ultimate Mathematical Challenge - The UK Mathematics Trust
  • Murdle Mystery Logic Puzzles - G. T. Karber
  • Fantastic Book of Logic Puzzles - Muriel Mandell
  • My Best Mathematical and Logic Puzzles - Martin Gardner
  • The Book of Numbers -  John Conway and Richard Guy
  • What is Mathematics - Richard Courant and Herbert Robbins
  • The World of Mathematics - James R. Newman
  • The Symmetries Of Things - John Conway 
  • Maths with Bad Drawings - Ben Orlin
  • Manga Guide Series - These books offer a fun insight into advanced mathematics

Anything by Martin Gardner, Ian Stewart, or Keith Devin is good.


Further Challenges

This website has endless challenges, but if you'd like to see others then visiit the following websites:

Depending on where you live, there might be a nearby maths circle which are fantastic. Find out if there are any near you!


Video Games

  • Monument Valley
  • Human Resources
  • Opus Magnum

11+ Advice, Puzzles & Challenges:

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