Who Went To The Cinema?

St. Dunderhead's School at Fogwell has a high reputation for hockey—but not so high a reputation for veracity. The First XI played a match at Diddleham recently, after which the girls were allowed to go to a concert. Miss Pry, the mistress in charge, collected the team afterwards; she saw ten girls emerge from the concert-hall and one from the cinema next door. When she asked who had been to the cinema, the members of the team replied as follows:

Joan Juggins: 

"It was Joan Twigg."

Gertie Gass: 

"It was I."

Bessie Blunt: 

"Gertie Gass is a liar."

Sally Sharp: 

"Gertie Gass is a liar, and so is Joan Juggins."

Mary Smith: 

"It was Bessie Blunt."

Dorothy Smith: 

"It was neither Bessie nor I."

Kitty Smith: 

"It wasn't any of us Smith girls."

Joan Twigg: 

"It was either Bessie Blunt or Sally Sharp."

Joan Forsyte: 

"Both of the other Joans are telling lies."

Laura Lamb: 

"Only one of the Smith girls is telling the truth."

Flora Flummery: 

"No, two of the Smith girls are telling the truth."

Given that, of these eleven assertions, at least seven are untrue, who went to the cinema?

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