Pongos, Quangos and Ringos

There are three islands close together near Australia: Azure, Bounty and Coconut. On the three islands live three types of guinea pig: Pongos, Quangos and Ringos. The following are all true facts well known to the sailors in this part of the word

There are no Pongos on Bounty Island

All the guinea pigs on Coconut Island are Ringos

Pongos and Quangos are the only type of guinea pig on Azure Island

A shipwrecked sailor lands on one of the islands.  She sees a guinea pig which she thinks is a Ringo

i. Which island does the sailor think she is definitely not on?

Later on she sees another guinea pig.  She is not sure what it is, but it is certainly different from the first kind of guinea pig. 

ii. Which island is she definitely not on?

After looking closely she identifies the second guinea pig as being without doubt a Pongo.

iii. What type of guinea pig did she see first of all?

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