Positions On A Chess Board

The object of this puzzle is to determine the positions of five chess pieces - a King, Queen, Rook, Bishop, and Knight. 

To help you do this, you are given clues in the form of numbers on some squares. Each number represents the number of pieces which "attack" that square - or to put it another way, the number of pieces which could move there in one turn. 

The pieces must go in the five squares with the blue borders. When they are correctly placed, the numbers on the board will match exactly the number of pieces that attack each numbered square. There is only one solution.

For example, with the chessboard below, neither a Queen nor a Rook can be placed on square c3 since each of those two pieces would attack square c6 and that square has zero pieces attacking it. Nor can a Queen or a Bishop be placed on square a8 for the same reason. You've just eliminated two squares the Queen can be placed on.

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