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Tutors should have dedication and skills but what Francesca has is simply out of this world. Utterly professional, diligent, caring, incredibly well prepared and with an infectious enthusiasm. Francesca is totally focused on the students’ individual needs. She is incredible at making everything seem simple, regardless of how difficult. Francesca not only knows the syllabus inside out but really understands exactly where help is needed and most efficiently targeted. Her depth of knowledge and flexibility of explanations are second to none. Francesca is a very warm and friendly person and my daughter enjoyed her lessons immensely. Highly highly recommended!!!

Mandie B

Phenomenal Tutor! One Of A Kind!

Francesca taught my daughter Camilla during the last six months of her GCSEs. Camilla was in the bottom set and taking foundation maths. Within eight weeks Camilla moved up 2 sets. I even had her teacher ring me up to say she had never seen such a vast improvement in a student in such a short space of time. Francesca was really able to connect with my daughter and get the best out of her. She was extremely professional and friendly. My daughter said that it was as if Francesca turned on a switch in her brain and suddenly made everything seem so clear and logical. My daughter had two tutors in the past and neither were able to do for my daughter what Francesca has. We feel so lucky to have met her. We have such enormous respect and admiration for Francesca and cannot recommend her highly enough.

Emma T

Utterly Brilliant

Francesca helped my daughter improve from a predicted C at the start of A Level Maths to an eventual A* enabling her to get into her first choice of university - Oxford. We are thrilled. Francesca has been an absolute delight to know. Francesca has a very rare talent in that she can explain Maths in simple English. She is able to make even the most complicated topic seem easy. Francesca is very reliable and the best Maths tutor that any student and parent could wish for.

Nick L

OUTSTANDING tutor, one million % recommendation

We were extremely fortunate to have had Francesca work with our son Victor. Maths was always his big weakness and the only subject capable of letting him down in his Eton entrance exams. Francesca worked with my son solidly for 8 months beforehand. Throughout the time spent, my son really grew in confidence. Francesca’s knowledge, professionalism and enthusiasm are second to none. She is a delightful girl with a great sense of humour. Victor really looked forward to lessons with her and now loves math. Astonishingly maths is now his best and favourite subject. This is solely down to Francesca. I am delighted to say that my son received a place at Eton. This would not have been possible without Francesca’s expert help. I cannot thank and recommend Francesca enough.

Christian J

Superb and infinitely knowledgeable

Francesca has helped my three children over the past 2 years- my youngest son with his GCSEs, my daughter with her A Levels and my eldest son during his first two years at Imperial studying Mathematics with Statistics. Francesca is such an engaging and caring tutor who always goes the extra mile. I am so thankful that my children have had the opportunity to be tutored by such a phenomenal tutor. Francesca knows every topic on every syllabus for all the different exam boards off the top of her head. The vastness of her knowledge and way of getting difficult concepts across is absolutely incredible. Francesca makes math understandable, interesting and fun. She is able to teach a topic in under two hours that may have taken a school or university over two weeks to teach. Francesca has an natural ability of making everything just seem so simple. I cannot thank Francesca enough. She is a star!

Sally G

A truly outstanding tutor

Francesca is a remarkable tutor and we highly recommend her. She ticks all the boxes: professional, incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, patient, always in high spirits, motivating and extremely attentive to a student's needs. She has helped my son throughout both years of his Mathematics A-levels for which we will be forever grateful. We cannot praise her enough. Francesca is a delightful person who really cares about her students.

Clive T

An absolutely fantastic tutor - a real gem!

Francesca has been tutoring my daughter Emma since September. My daughter got a D for her AS level maths despite having a tutor for the whole of last year. She was advised by her school teacher to drop maths for A levels. Francesca came highly recommended to us and due to her incredible reputation, we decided to take a chance and let our daughter continue with maths. Francesca offered to meet with our daughter free of charge to give her an assessment and assured us afterwards that she could get my daughter up to an A. It was a big decision for us as my daughter has to retake three math modules from last year as well as this year’s modules. Francesca has completely transformed Emma and has done more than just get her up to an A within three months. My daughter got an A* in both her recent tests and is unbelievably now top of her class. Her teacher at school cannot believe the change in her within such a short space of time. My daughter has developed a real passion for maths and really looks up to Francesca. She is totally inspired by her. I cannot recommend Francesca highly enough; we are so very lucky to have her as a tutor.

Sharon E


Francesca taught my daughter for both years during her A levels. My daughter was overwhelmed at the beginning with the enormity of taking both maths and further maths and needed to get an A or A* in both to get into her top two university choices. Francesca was recommended to me and after hearing about her I instantly knew that she would be perfect for my daughter. Francesca is young and ideal for students to relate to. She has an infectious sense of humour and such a positve energy that lights up a room. She was able to inspire, motivate and bring out the very best in my daughter. Words really do not do Francesca enough justice and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Tina F


Francesca tutored my daughter Letizia for entry exams into the top IB boarding schools in the UK. Having only studied in Italy, where both the content and approach are different, Francesca had to race through over a totally new syllabus with Letizia. Francesca is a very experienced tutor, she has all the past papers and knows exactly what is required. She tutored Letizia brilliantly. She was also great company and Letizia looked forward to her tutorials with Francesca.

Stephanie C

Exceptional and totally engaging tutor

Francesca has taught our son for his A level math and he succeeded with a A* which was far beyond our expectations. Francesca is the most engaging and knowledgeable teacher we have ever met. She is an incredibly hard worker, fully committed to the success of her students and totally engaging. Our son understood how valuable she was and would have never missed one lesson. She is extremely thorough. She looks for the weaknesses and then makes the student work at them again and again until they master it completely. Always going the extra mile, she guides and organizes the revision. Very quickly we knew our son was with the perfect guide. We could not recommend her more highly. Thank you so much.

Marie W

Simply The Best!

Francesca has tutored me throughout my 3 years at university studying mathematics. She is without a doubt the best teacher I have ever had. She has a rare gift of being to make even the most challenging concepts seem easy. She is fun, reliable, thorough, dedicated and extremely passionate. She always goes the extra mile and nothing is ever too much trouble. During study leave for exams we regularly booked four hour marathon lessons and Francesca willingly stayed an extra hour and sometimes even longer free of charge just to make sure that I have no more doubts left. That sort of dedication and willingness one can't buy. I honestly could not have gotten through and done so well in my degree without her. I can never thank her enough!

Julia W

Dream Tutor

Lucky students who manage to land lessons with Francesca. She's the kind of tutor you hope for . My daughter wanted some tutoring to help with confidence in A level maths. Francesca delivered carefully thought out lessons with with the adaptability to target problem areas on the spot if needed. She was punctual and professional but best of all kind and fun. This is your dream tutor.

Pippa Gillespie

Extraordinary - A True Inspiration

Francesca tutored me during my master’s degree in Mathematics. I found Francesca to be hugely professional, approachable, reliable, meticulous and extremely adept at explaining challenging concepts in a way that facilitated me to understand and work through problems with complete confidence. Francesca worked at my pace and did not rush through any problems, thus enabling me to gain the skills required to work independently. She certainly goes the 'extra mile' when tutoring with sessions often overrunning and making herself available by text, email or Skype in between sessions. Francesca is an extremely capable teacher, and I would emphatically recommend her for anyone studying any level of mathematics - her knowledge base is immense and she knows what she is teaching like the back of her hand. I cannot recommend her strongly enough - the only regret I can say I have is not meeting her during my undergraduate years. It would have made my life so much easier. I can beyond a shadow of a doubt say that Francesca is the best teacher I've ever had.

Amy R

Amazing Amazing Amazing

Francesca has tutored our daughter for her GCSEs which she will be sitting in May ‘18. We feel extremely fortunate to have been introduced to Francesca at just the right time in our daughter’s education as she really needed one to one tuition to break the wall that seemed to be building in front of her. We all bonded very well with Francesca who instantly identified our daughter’s strengths and weaknesses and managed to break through stereotypical methods to find the way that she could understand the concepts and how to apply these along with strategies to help understand exam questions. Francesca was excellent in breaking each mathematical area into smaller sections to help with identifying the gaps in my daughter’s knowledge and help to secure a greater depth and understanding. This has hugely built up my daughter’s confidence to the point where she has now selected Mathematics at A level. Having seen this progress and how much she has enjoyed her lessons our son, who is 15 months younger, also asked to be tutored by Francesca. She is very child centred and it is a testament to her depth of teaching experience that she can adapt to each child according to their needs. We could not recommend Francesca highly enough, she continues to be a first-class maths tutor for our children.

Emma Greenwood

A real expert. Highly, highly recommended

Francesca has been providing A Level Maths tutoring to my daughter since September 2016. She started with us at the beginning of lower sixth and has met with my daughter every week during term time. Whilst hard working and successful in her exams, my daughter is not a natural mathematician and the idea behind having a weekly tutor was to provide her with a regular outlet for going through everything she was being taught and with homework and revision support. Therefore, it was important that we found a reliable tutor who could work with her for the whole two years of her Maths A’ Level. Francesca has been absolutely first class in undertaking this role. My daughter could not be happier with her support and the way her Maths is progressing. Francesca has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the Maths syllabus and past exam questions. She is able to explain the most complex topics with clarity and often shows my daughter quicker or easier ways of solving problems. She has built a great rapport with my daughter, who positively looks forward to her lesson each week. Pretty much every week she tells me how well Francesca has explained things to her or how she has helped her prepare for class tests. My daughter did very well in her AS exams and is now predicted an A* for her Maths A Level this summer. She only needs an A for her University choice and importantly now feels very confident that this is well within her ability. I would not hesitate to recommend Francesca as a Maths tutor. She is reliable, prompt, well prepared, incredibly knowledgeable and hard working. You can tell she is a real expert in what she does.

Charlie C

World-Class Mathematics Tutor

Francesca is an absolute godsend to us. She is extremely professional, meticulous and focused. Without the energy and direction of Francesca, my daughter’s AS maths grade would have been a disaster. Francesca inspired my daughter and gave her the necessary expert guidance needed to achieve an A. My daughter sees Francesca as not just a tutor, but also a mentor. The real unexpected bonus for us has been our daughter’s interest in the subject and consequent engagement. I am a university lecturer myself, so know exactly what I am looking for in terms of the teaching gift - and Francesca certainly has this gift. Being extremely knowledgeable does not always mean being able to teach. Not only is Francesca of superior intelligence, but she is really able to relate to my daughter. The benefits have been manifold and I could not recommend Francesca highly enough for either an academic or struggling student. We feel very privileged to have our daughter tutored by Francesca.

Simon C

Amazing Tutor

Francesca is tutoring my daughter for A'Level maths. She knows the maths syllabusinside out, is super organised and my daughter is loving the lessons. She feels really on top of her subject and says that Francesca explains things brilliantly. I would highly recommend her.

Penny Aviss

Exceptional Teacher

Francesca taught my son A-level maths and helped him obtain an A*. I was extremely impressed by her ability to tailor the lesson to my sons needs and her teaching quality. She is the most knowledge and organised teacher that I have ever come across. Being a deputy head teacher myself, I can say with authority, that she comes highly recommended and is an exceptional teacher. Maths has never been my son's strength, but he needed to take it in order to study economics at university. He has never enjoyed maths and lacked confidence and motivation. Francesca has completely turned this around.

Stephanie D

Brilliant Maths Tutor

Francesca tutored my daughter once a week in maths while she was in Upper Sixth. Francesca was really fantastic at explaining difficult concepts and always made notes. She was punctual and reliable and I highly recommend her to anyone studying maths at any level!!

Amanda G

A very highly recommended maths tutor

Francesca has tutored my daughter for the past 4 years in GCSE maths, A level maths, and A level further maths. She also helped my daughter prepare for her STEP exam for Cambridge. Francesca has been invaluable and I can honestly say that without her my daughter would not have chosen and received an offer to study Mathematics at Cambridge. She has been instrumental in giving my daughter a real love and passion for maths. Francesca is very engaging and extremely knowledgeable. There is nothing that she doesn't know when it comes to maths. I cannot recommend her highly enough. In my daughter's words: "Francesca is able to makes topics seem so easy that appear so hard when taught at school. She is able to explain even the most difficult topic in such a basic logical way and she has completely changed the way I see maths. When she explains topics for the first time, she has a gift of knowing where my doubts may be before I have even asked them. I wish all teachers were like her."

Laura H

A Remarkable Tutor!

Francesca is an exceptional tutor who is highly organised and efficient. She has a wealth of experience and a very calm, friendly manner. She is able to adapt to a variety of different learning needs and takes a genuine interest in the progress of her pupils. We couldn't have asked for more from a tutor - Francesca ticks every single box.

Richard Hawkins H

Outstanding Tutor And Mentor

Francesca gave our daughter Flora maths lessons from years 9-11. She was in the bottom set and struggled with maths until she met Francesca who very quickly got her up to the top set. Flora got on very well with Francesca who made the lessons fun, built up her confidence and gave clear explanations of things our daughter found difficult to grasp at school. Flora got a 9 in her GCSE. This was directly due to Francesca’s extremely significant input. We thoroughly recommend Francesca who is very pleasant, straightforward to deal with and incredibly good at what she does. We were very lucky to have found her.

Sally Dyson

Exceptionally Talented Tutor

I am delighted to provide a reference for Francesca. She is an exceptional Maths tutor, providing my daughters with excellent help with their GCSE and A-level syllabus exam preparation. Her enthusiastic and highly energetic approach is impressive and rubs off on her tutees, who love lessons with her. She is extremely well-organised, providing large amounts of well-tailored practice questions and worked answers, in addition to the lesson material. Because she tutors full-time she knows the exam board material inside-out and rightly gives pupils confidence that she can prepare them for every eventuality. We therefore felt that a few sessions at her high hourly rate were better value overall that the extra hours that would have been required with a more reasonably-priced but less skilled tutor. Not a second is wasted in a session with Francesca, and the material and tips she provides are invaluable. On a personal level, we found Francesca to be totally reliable and punctual, and always keen to go to extra lengths to accommodate convenient session timetabling. Unlike many other mathematicians with her high level of aptitude for the subject, she retains a remarkable ability to communicate at the right level for different pupils. Her friendly and humorous manner make her a pleasure to interact with at all times.

Mala M

Absolutely phenomenal tutor

Francesca has been tutoring my daughter since she started her a levels last year. My daughter is taking Maths and Further Maths and currently preparing for her Maths Admissions Test for Oxford. Francesca is totally invaluable to us. She shows absolute dedication to the mission my daughter is on and goes above and beyond all expectations. Her mathematical knowledge, attention to detail and ability to make difficult topics seem easy are second to none. Francesca is always extremely professional and super organised. My daughter really looks up to Francesca and I'm delighted that my daughter has such a fantastic role model. In addition to her excellent academic credentials, Francesca's interest in other activities - including sport, dance, fashion etc. - means that she is able to connect with and really engage my daughter. I cannot recommend Francesca highly enough.

Anna C

I couldn't have done it without Francesca!

Francesca was not only an outstanding tutor who successfully guided me through my MAT and interview for Oxford, but she also provided me with advice, motivation and direction which was invaluable. She was always available to answer any questions outside of the lessons and extremely supportive. Francesca was so friendly and even able to make a four-hour lesson seem short. She is the BEST TUTOR EVER and I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Sarah H

Incredible Tutor!!!

Francesca helped me with the maths section of my BMAT exam. I honestly could not have passed without her. I had tried 3 tutors prior which were not much help and was so relieved when I met Francesca. Maths has never been my strongest point and it was the part of the exam that I was dreading. Francesca was totally amazing. She was so organised and had every past paper question cropped and made into packs arranged by topic and level of difficulty which is impossible to find for the BMAT. Francesca explained everything so clearly and in such a logical way. Within a week I went from dreading the exam to feeling extremely confident and completely ready. In fact, maths became my favourite part of the exam. Francesca also made the lessons so fun that I didn't even feel like I was learning. Highly recommended!

Lara G

Perfect! fantastic teacher.

Truly exceptional tutor - improved my son from an A?B to A* and he really enjoyed being taught in an incredibly clear way.

Roger Guy

Worthwhile investment for the short and long term

Tom needed to get his maths A level from a B to an A, in order to get the uni place that he wanted. This meant re-taking 2 papers (C3 and C4). We thought about doing this on our own but decided to approach Francesca following a recommendation from a friend. We are really pleased that we took this route because it resulted in a much more planned, structured approach than what we would have been able to achieve. And Francesca is an excellent teacher, able to teach maths concepts in a very relatable way. Importantly, her teaching and approach helped Tom's confidence enormously, which helped not only his A level results, but also sets him up really well for maths related events elements I his degree. Toms results in both papers when up be 30 percent and he only just missed an A*.

Alex P

Fantastic Worksheets

Quite simply, Francesca's worksheets are utterly brilliant. They are clearly laid out and contain key worked examples with amazing self teaching notes and fantastic guidance throughout.

Isabella M

Excellent Tutor

Francesca has been assisting our daughter over the last year with maths. We have found her to be very well organised and professional. More importantly, our daughter's knowledge of maths has increased significantly and in a recent maths test she was top of the class. I would have no hesitation in recommending Francesca to other parents.

Gerard M

Francesca tutored my son for 2 months before his final Standard Maths IB exam. She is a brilliant Maths tutor, is well prepared and focussed on what the student needs to know to pass the exam. She kept in touch with us both throughout the period and was very responsive to text, emails and plan alterations! I would highly recommend her.

Niki Dowe

E at A level mock turned into an A ( just!) in the space of 12 sessions. Francesca works them hard but she takes them along with her - well done (both Francesca and daughter )

Peter Totman

Francesca has a very strong knowledge of the subject which she communicated very well through her explanations and sheets she had prepared. She is kind and patient and was always friendly which made it very easy to ask any questions where I had some hesitations. She was great overall and would definitely recommend to anyone who is struggling or just needs some support with maths.

Melis P

Francesca tutored our daughter for a few months to help prepare her for the 11+ entrance examinations. We were really impressed with her commitment, structure and knowledge, which helped our daughter tremendously in gaining confidence in a subject she initially found challenging . She really progressed in the relatively short time she was with Francesca and we would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for support in their children's maths.

Farah A

Francesca taught my daughter for the final year of sixth form and very quickly took the fear out of the subject and built up her confidence. Francesca is a special tutor, professional, incredibly organised and well prepared with a great sense of humour. Her knowledge of not just the subject, but also the respective exam boards is phenomenal. She very quickly built a great rapport with my daughter and this in turn made the sessions fun rather than hard work. I cannot recommend Francesca highly enough.

Kevin F.

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