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International Baccalaureate (IB) Maths worksheets with questions arranged by topic and difficulty level.


Quadratics is a large topic and there therefore I have separated this topic into the following documents:

  • factorising - all types
  • completing the square (this includes finding the vertex)
  • 3 forms of a quadratic and finding the vertex
  • solving quadratics (this includes the 3 methods of solving a quadratic which factorising, using the quadratic formula and completing the square)
  • discriminant
  • solving inequalities (see the quadratic secion)
  • simultaneous equations (see the quadratic section)
  • modelling/problem solving (see the quadratic section)
  • Graphing - how to graph explained in detail (see the quadratic section)
  • find the equation of a quadratic when given the roots or a graph

Quadratics have so many interlinked ideas. In othter words, there are many representations of the same idea and each worksheet highlights this link, so that a student can fully understand quadratics.

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