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There are two ootions for iGCSE:

  • iGCSE A
  • iGCSE B

iGCSE B is harder than iGCSE A and better preparation if you want to study A Level Maths, but neither is perceived as better or worse by universities. 

There is no foundation tier available for Edexcel B and the grade options are 4-9 with an allowable level 3.

iGCSE A has 2 two hour papers whereas B has 2 papers where one is 1.5 hrs and the other is 2.5 hours.

iGCSE B has extra topics such as matrices, factor theorem, algebraic division and factorising a cubic. I have not come across any achools offering B in the UK.

For a more detailed description of iGCSE A and iGCSE B click each of the relevant folders below.

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